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We would like to thank you all for all of your hard work in granting us with the love of our lives.

Debbie, Jeremy and Sean Groh, Chicago, Illinois. Read more

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Welcome to Adoption ARK

License # 429659-01

Adoption ARK is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) international adoption agency that has facilitated hundreds of successful international adoptions for U.S. families with children in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Brazil, Nepal, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine. We specialize in overseas adoption, sibling adoption, special needs adoption, and Down Syndrome adoption. Our unique Hidden Angels program is committed to finding homes for our waiting children who are desperately in need of immediate adoption, and our Choose Your Child adoption program provides the opportunity to travel to your selected country to visit the orphanages and play with the children before committing to a specific one. Our directors started Adoption ARK with a desire to help orphans from all over our world. With that goal in mind, we have successfully found loving homes for over 500 orphans.

Our Children and Parents

We invite you to read the profiles of some Waiting Children available for adoption. Due to country-specific laws and restrictions, we are not able to post photos of all the wonderful children waiting for you in different countries around the world. However, you can request information about our country programs by filling out our online registration form, and one of our adoption https://iqbroker-trade.com/how-to-deposit-in-iq-option consultants will walk you through the country-specific referral process that will lead you to your future child. Also, if you are interested in supporting orphans who are waiting to be adopted, you may donate to our charity, ARKmission.

Adoption ARK provides adoption services to all qualified parents. We will carefully guide you through every stage of the adoption process. You will never feel alone or misinformed. One of our greatest strengths is honesty. We believe educated and well-informed clients will make the best parents! All our clients are a part of our own Adoption ARK family, and we would love to invite you to also become a part of ARKfamilies. If you would like to speak with some of our parents about their experience with international adoption and Adoption ARK, please contact us and a list of references will be provided for you. Possessing their own unique, honest, heartfelt insights and feelings, our families have a wide range of adoption experience from infants to older children.

Our Staff
Our staff is comprised of experienced adoption specialists and among them professionally-trained adoptive parents and bilingual caseworkers who consider adoption to be not just a job but a true calling. Many of our staff members have lived in the countries for which we provide http://iqbroker-trade.com/how-to-deposit-in-iq-option adoption services and therefore deeply understand the people and the culture of these regions. We believe this has developed a unique bond in our international adoption programs between our in-country staff and their country-specific counterparts. These personal relationships are a vital component in the facilitation of a successful international adoption. Some of our adoption consultants are not only adoptive parents, but they are also former Adoption ARK clients who were so pleased with their own experiences that they wanted to help many other hopeful parents experience the joy of adoption. The beautiful children we have placed range in age from infant to older children of up to 16 years of age.

Our Locations
Adoption ARK has offices in Illinois, California, and Texas. We are a licensed child welfare agency in Illinois and provide home study services for Illinois residents. Free monthly adoption seminars about our international adoption programs for Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Brazil, Nepal, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine are held at our office in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Information on adoption issues and home studies are also provided. We provide adoption counseling as well as pre- and post-placement services.

Our Charitable Work
Our international adoption agency also provides financial assistance and donations to orphanages in our various countries through our charity fundraising department; ARKmission. We also hold yearly summer hosting programs for children from orphanages in Russia and the Ukraine. Please visit www.summerprogram.org to learn about our next hosting program.

Our Invitation to You
If you are missing something in your life, if you wish to help a child who was born and abandoned in another country, if you have space in your heart and home to add another little boy or girl, if you are willing to share the riches of your heart iqbroker-trade.com/how-to-deposit-in-iq-option with a child in need, if you are ready to adopt, we are here to help! Together we can find each child a family and each family a child, and we look forward to the day when you find the blessing of parenthood. May God Bless You!

The Adoption ARK Team
847-215-ARK5 (2755)


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